Priority Zone Control

HITI installs command centers equipped with surveillance devices and apparatus at checkpoints to record data and information on procedures. That data and information is the transmitted to be analyzed in real-time by the command and operation center staff, within all monitored zones.
Track and identify vehicles through the Automatic License Plate Recognition system, by reading the license plate and simultaneously transmitting important information about authorized and unauthorized vehicles directly to the operations and command centers.
HITI provides individuals that are local and/or within the secure area with special ID cards that are read and controlled by an RFID system. HIT also provides vehicle decals that are affixed on the windshield of the vehicles as a method of identification and detection via RFID System of nonregistered vehicles.

Real Time Solutions

Access Control

Includes screening, controlling, validating and detecting access to restricted areas which can be deployed on a stand-off wireless basis. This capability further protects and secures buffer zones and high-traffic areas.

Operations Centers

A location(s) containing decision making capabiltiy for command, control, communications and computer systems.

Determine Contact Intent

Means to assess, or provide time to assess, the purpose and/or motivation of an approaching person, vehicle, or vessel in order to respond appropriately.

Decision Making System

Includes the methods to be used in determining tactics, techniques, prcedures and rules of engagement necessary to alleviate the threat.

Tactical Inspections

Includes screening, detecting and identifying hazards in commercial and personal vehicles, with real time verification of individuals from stand-off control systems or near-entry security gates.
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Security Oversight

  • Infrastructure and Security Operations
  • Identify Assurance and Access Management
  • Sensitive Information Protection
  • Complete Life Cycle Operations

Complete Systems

  • Long Range Detection
  • Perimeter Control
  • Access Control
  • Waterborne Detection
  • Command and Control
  • Entry Control Points
  • Identity Verification
  • Diligence Documentation

All Real Time Solutions

  • Access Control
  • Operations Centers
  • Decision Making Systems
  • Determine Contact Intent
  • Tactical Inspections
  • Perimeter Security
  • Surveillance/Detection
  • Wide Area Alert Notification
  • Port/Harbor Security
  • Intrusion Response
  • Command and Control
  • Emergency Response

Command Solutions

Operations Support Features:

Rapidly deployable self-contained state-of-the-art command trailer outfitted for immediate tactical security enhancement. The mobile command station provides state-of-the-art command and control centers for monitoring the equipment deployed, and communicating with security personnel.

Facility Security Officer (FSO) Services

HITI offers FSO services for small businesses that are in need of Facility Clearance (FCL) compliance, Personnel Security Clearance (PCL) services, as well as ensuring the procedures and processes required for a compliant Industrial security program are met for Non-Possessing facilities.

HITI FSO Services allow companies to have peace of mind, less financial burden, and increased focus on internal business processes. HITI FSO Services include but are not limited to: 
  • Hand in hand walkthrough on receiving your FCL with the Defense Counterintelligence and Security agency (DCSA) 
  • Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS)/Defense Information System for Security (DISS) Management, Maintenance and Support 
  • Electronic Questionnaires for Investigations Processing (EQIP) support 
  • Develop security plans and procedures 
  • Personnel Clearance Maintenance 
  • Self-Inspections 
  • All required briefings and processes to comply with the National Industrial Security Program Manual (NISPOM) regulations 
  • Develop security plans and procedures 
  • Development and implementation of security awareness program 
  • Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission (SWFT) Service