Who We Are

Homeland Intelligence Technologies International, Inc. (HITI) maintains a strong committment to developing and integrating dynamic new technologies into all of the products and services we provide. Our products and services utilize innovative improvements with respect to modern advances in technology. Checkout our team to learn more.

Our Standards

  • Integrated Solutions & Training
  • Custom Designs
  • State of the Art Technologies
  • Multi-Layered Systems
  • Diligence Documentation
  • Advanced Command and Control
  • Paperless Reporting

Core Values

Customer Focus

We have close, open relationships with our customers that generate trust and transparency.


We develop and demonstrate our expertise through innovation targeted specifically for each client.


We challenge ourselves to improve on our preformance each year, the result, total customer satisfaction.


Open, proactive and effective communication is key to the way we do business and this is applied across all our operations.

Contact Us

8285 Bryan Dairy Rd. Suite 125
Largo, Florida 33777
Office: 1 (386) 334-9709
POC: Christian Collins, Senior Vice President
Email: ccollins@homelandintel.us

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